Monday, October 11, 2010

IF I cut them I won't be me

So lately I've been thinking about cutting my locs, I blame it all on my lovely fiance for having a rich and lush head of natural loose hair that is so much fun to play with and comb(he's like my real live Barbie Styling Head) I've gone back and forth on the issue asking everyone, my creamy crack friends tell me I should so that I can have more versatility and be able to straighten my hair now and again (a big no no) others ask me if I will truly be happy once i cut it, and as of right now my only answer is NO I wont feel like myself anymore I'd be just another loose hair nappy, not that I have a problem with loose haired nappy girls, I just feel like i stand out more from the crowd with my locs. I feel as more and more people embrace the natural "look" (notice i didn't say natural life) me cutting my locs to wear loose hair would make me feel as fake as all those girls you see with the Afro wigs who claim they are embracing the natural life and wearing their hair curly, and to them that's all that matters it having big curly hair, not embracing the love of ones self not matter what the texture because not all natural hair is curly and that's not all it means to be natural I think for me growing my locs is more of an expression of "MY" naturalness and right now why errr'body and they granny is going natural i think my locs have more staying power then people who go natural one week them perm the next only to keep the cycle going on an on. So for now I'll just keep loving my locs and since i free form i least get to pretend to have the best of both worlds.

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