Monday, November 22, 2010

Rebatched soap cake

Soap cake part one rebatched, saved from disaster. Once cured, cleaned up and decorative elements added it will be ready to slice for the gift giving season on to removing "swamp things" from it's mold.

More crumbles *wails

Crumbling soap cake sob*

Wanted to post pictures of my disastrous results but for some some reason I can't maybe it's a sign

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sad soap seized *sob

Soap seized I'm pissed but I've learned a lesson about new F.O's hopefully once it's removed from the oven it will be salvageable 

Ready to go hard in tha soap

Soap nook cleaned and ready to go

Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm literally jumping up and down waiting on this week to be over because this weekend is gonna be all about soap, I'm thinking about CPOP. My mom wantse to make a few soap cakes for the ladies she works with , and I was like really??!? So she gave me free reign to do anything I please and be creative as possible *faints in happiness* I cannot wait until Sunday my mind has been working in overdrive this entire week . Not sure what I have in mind just yet but one thing I know for sure is there will be No holiday sscents I kinda want to do some not traditional for the holidays but who knows. Off to check my soap notes Happy Soaping!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is it too little to late

So for some odd reason I picked up essence's hot hair issue and truth be told they did have a lot of fresh to death natural hair styles, but it got me thinking is this to little to late, is essence just trying to cash in on the natural hair boom. I'm browsing through the magazine and loving the styles but I'm Just feeling uneasy about the whole thing seems like they are just in it to sale high priced unecessary products just to cash it and once we are no longer important or the new hottest thing. I guess we'll see but I doubt they'll still love us once th hype dies down

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let the bubbles fly

So lately I have been in soap making hibernation, just making small batches here and there to take the edge of my burgeoning addictions, but i guess that's not enough. Over the Last few weeks I have been in SUPER SOAP MODE!! The itch to soap bigger and better batches has taken over and now its to late I love it and i have to do it, I find myself thinking about the next batch during work and sometimes completely fading out while thinking about making soap. My co-workers want me to shut up about soap and stop trying to rub them down with my later butter creation. So needless to say everyone should expect gift baskets this Christmas. On to make something for the dog

Time for a bath boogie... don't run!