Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baby shower torture

OK so at work we had another baby shower, I knew what was coming and I should have been prepared, but nope not me I was all strong and brave until they started oohing and ahhing over tiny pink things and my heart just broke. "why can't I be the one getting the little time pink things why can't I be the one pregnant" politely excusing myself and running to the restroom seemed like the best idea, and I had all intentions of returning but as I reached the door another chorus of oohs and ahhhs smacked me in the face, my stomach turned and i headed for my desk. I know that we are still trying and its no ones fault we haven't gotten pregnant yet but is it so wrong to want all pregnant glowing women to fall of a cliff or at least into a deep hole until I feel better, or at least until after this dreaded 2ww (2 week wait fort the newbies) so at least I know if I will soon be one of the soon to be glowing and happy pregnant masses

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