Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Natural Hair Day!!!

For those Who are natural and on Twitter today is natural hair day so to all you Ladies and Gents I wish you a Happy Nappy Day!

Anywho just stopping in don't want to let this blog go to waste again< whats said about my whole blogging idea is that when i get the inspiration to share and be creative I get all shy and afraid of criticism, sometimes i don't think that i am the cut out to be a blogger. I wish there was a way to blog like i do in my journal cause on here no matter what i say or do i still feel the need to censor myself and that's not why i started this. I wanted to chronicle my loc journey my TTC journey but every time i have what i think is a decent blog post i change my mind and run away. I need an outlet i know that i do but somehow the transfer from plain ole pen and paper to this new fangled (at least to me) blog this just isn't working for me right now. But for now this will be a place of run-on sentence bad grammar horrible punctuations and whatever pops into my head and if you don't like it let me know that's better than nothing.

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