Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quick PSA from a non idol watcher

I don't watch American Idol so i dot really get the show so this is just one now=n Idol watchers opinion but.... My PEOPLE, Black People should not win American Idol, not because they are any less talented than their white counterparts, but i don't feel like they can totally encompass what America is looking for in an IDOL. They are always thrown by the wayside by 'some' other races when they do an album that is a little to "ethnic" for the general masses. I am in no way saying they shouldn't compete that's a great way to get your name and talent out there, but when you win it seems like you are pigeonholes and it seems like that can put a damper on any further career. This is just my opinion though i don't think I've even seen a full episode of the show yet, so this is really just mindless chatter on my part. Toodles

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