Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy two thousand and leven

Happy New Year I hope that a good safe time was had by all and we are looking positively to the future. Not much new yet in my new year but of course it is only 3 days old lol!. I made it through the holidays and no one was harmed, i realized my dads death is still a hot button issue with me and I have to start making some major changes in order to find closure. I started activly working on my quest to buying my own home. I've been crafting like a mad woman my co-workers have asked (ok maybe demanded) that I stop make soap for them as they have no room for anymore. I've decided this year I'm going to have to really make myself lookout for me first not always be on the run to save everyone, I want to be more of myself, I want to stop letting what others thinks about me dictate what I do so if I never twist my locs again I don't have to, maybe Once the leave the creamy crack alone I might give them a second glance. Well all I'm doing is rambling which is my favorite thing ever to do but I guess I better so something productive with myself tonight talk to you lovelies later

This is me typos and all love it or leave or.

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