Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big and Beautiful the short version

I am so upset I had the most perfect 6page blog ready to post and I saved it on my phone cause it was one of those spur of the moment type deals and I lost it, which suck monkey b***s but anyway..... I was watching Tyra and she had overweight teen girls on and was giving them good eating habits and yadda yadda and I'm thinking to myself "self what does Tyra know about being the FAT girl in school" I wanted to jump through the TV. And sit each one of those young women down and let them know the only person that they should care about is themselves who cares if people make un of you, they don't define you, once you know that you are better than what they say you are their words won't be able to hurt you. High school is only for a short time and sometimes not all the time filled with asses so ignore them and hold your head up high, embrace and flaunt your curves because in. A few years all those who clowned during high school will wanna date you or be like you because you are comfortable in your body and comfortable. In your sexy. Big girls remember Embrace your Sexy , flaunt your curves, be healthy and be happy.

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